About Me


I am a camera operator and self shooting PD working in broadcast and corporate.
Regularly shooting for Live multicam OB's, daily Magazine shows, Documentary and News.

I love a live as much as an obdoc, with experience filming abroad and across the uk in a wide range of formats for various clients.

I have produced and directed a number of tv series in a range of genres, budgeted, edited, coordinated, working both solo and with small to large crews.

Flexible and adaptable with solid technicals and knowledge on Broadcast processes from pitch to tx

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01 Camera Operation

I can shoot on a wide range of cameras.

To include: PMW500, Panasonic P2, Canon C100mkii,JVC 850, 660, 650, Sony FS7 and FS5, Sony 450, 570, Canon XF Series, Sony NX Series,Robotic Cameras,Go Pro, Osmo, Mojo Kits

I have shot for News, documentary, magazine shows, reality dating, sports, entertainment and travel.

02 Live Broadcasting

I have worked on a regular basis with KA Satellite operations and use digi links and LiveU equipment when required.

I can shoot for you under direction as part of a live broadcast team with confidence and strong ability.

03 Editing

I am a strong and quick editor, using Premiere Pro and also familiar with FCPX

04 Production Co-Ordinator

Due to my experience in co-ordinating live, documentary, magazine and formats, I understand the needs of a production and it's team and can often assist or manage pre-production and co-ordination of most production types



Bryn Roberts
Bryn Roberts

Natalie Clements worked for me at Made in Cardiff from September 2014 when a small crowd of us launched the channel. Right from the outset she was totally dependable and ensured that technical standards were kept. But she also contributed to all aspects of the channel, primarily camera work but also editing and production including doing voiceovers for commercials on the channel. Her contribution, not only to Made in Cardiff, but the Made Group developed to make her an essential operator within the organisation

Former Station Manager - Made In Cardiff