Natalie Clements

Art Made

Produced for Made TV, the series takes a look at the arts scene in Cardiff, who are Cardiff’s artists and how do they create, display and sell their work. #artmade


Here’s a selection of clips from the show

And within the show I filmed a mini photography series with fellow cameraman Graham Pritchard


Made in Cardiff TV

Working as a senior camer operator, operations manager and becoming network manager. I worked in all areas of TV production with Made in Cardiff and the Made Television Network

BBC Radio Wales – Wynne Evans

Some of the most fun I have had filming was with Wynne Evans and Radio Wales. Each week on his radio show Wynne tries out a new sport. I was invited along to record him have a go at some water sports, a spot of white water rafting and some surfing. Shot using a combination of Go Pros and DSLR.
You can watch the clips by clicking on the images below. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 16.27.00


Made In Wales 2011

Broadcast on BBC Wales December 2011

Made in Wales is a short series of films organised by media training company, Its My Shout. Each year 6 short films are created by a combination of new entrants to the industry and experienced professionals. Once the series is complete, each film is aired on BBC Wales, followed by a 30minute documentary on the production process. The experience culminates in an awards ceremony where all the films are celebrated and awards are given to those who have been seen to achieve great standards of work during the process.

Natalie directed and produced the documentary entitled ‘Made in Wales- The Making Of’. Created with the assistance of new industry entrants under Natalies’s guidance and co-produced by the BBC and Its My Shout. The 2011 documentary tells the story of 3 individuals who are beginning their careers and experiencing a professional short film shoot for the first time.

These individuals personal experience range greatly, from Taryn, supporting actress, who finds Its My Shout filming from the estate she lives, to Gavin Porter – a director who has a passion for documentary but takes firm hold of this fantastic opportunity to direct fiction for television. And finally Seimon who has participated with Its My Shout several times over the years and is finding his role progressing each year, even now, with his new freelance career in the Art Dept kicking off, he still values the experiences gained on the Made in Wales series. The documentary is tied together with first time broadcast presenter Kevin McCurdy whose enthusiasm for the scheme is evident.

The documentary covered a range of material from archive footage to location shooting, voice over recording and live event filming. It was edited offline by Natalie and assistant Marco Carini and the process was overseen by mentor Gareth Rees-Rowlands.

The Documentary

Made in Wales- The Making Of. 2011 from Natalie Clements on Vimeo.


Presenter- Kev McCurdy

Composer- Gareth Thomas

Sound- Clive RoderickUlrich Wehner and Ceurwyn Humphries

Camera – Simon BartlettDan Ballinger, Marco Carini, Kevin McMullinAlex Perez-Hernandez

Colourist – Jeremy Lott

Dubbing – Owen Thomas

Production Asistant – Joanna Vellacot

Production Manager – Kylie Cornelis-Rees

Editor – Marco Carini and Katrina Aust

Exec Producer – Roger Burnell

Commissioning Editor- Elis Owen

Special Thanks to Gareth Rees-Rowland

Producer director – Natalie Clements