Natalie Clements

Wildlife Showreel

I have covered a range of wildlife filming projects, specialising in re-wilding and international animal moves. I enjoy working with conservationists to help raise awareness in all areas of conservation.

Saba and Nairo

Earlier 2020 I followed some of the initial stages of the re-wilding two cheetah, Saba and Nairo, from the UK to South Africa with The Aspinall Foundation.
This is the first time two captive cheetah have been taken from the UK to South Africa with the intention of putting them back in the wild.
We travelled from Kent to South Africa and onto Ashia Cheetah Conservation where both cheetah were to be kept for acclimatisation before moving on to be released in Mount Camdeboo.
We left Saba and Nairo in Ashia Cheetah Sanctuary with the intention for the next phase to take place in April, however the Covid-19 outbreak has delayed their final release. So for now, they are safe and well at Ashia Cheetah Conservation.
I hope that everything falls in place and I can return to cover their final release. In the meantime, here’s their journey..

African Painted Dogs

Towards the end of 2019 I followed The Aspinall Foundation begin the re-introduction of African Painted Dogs to Gabon in Africa. Taking a pack of 7 Painted Dogs from their reserve Port Lympne Hotel and Reserve to Lékédi Parc in Gabon, Africa. An incredible experience, amazing to be a part of. During the adventure I shot and edited in the field a series of social media posts following their progress. Here’s the full journey, please do give it a watch to learn more about the Aspinall Foundation, this is just one example of so many important conservation moves they have made and continue to make.


Safari footage from a trip with Flash Pack to Tanzania. Travelling between and around the Serengeti and Ngoro Ngoro Crater.

Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards

Working with Memorable Creative Journalism, we shot all nominees for the 2018 and 2019 Womenspire Awards ceremony. Almost 50 women based across Wales from all industries and walks of life. I shot and edited 95% – 100% of the content, often undertaking the interviews myself.