I have worked as a voice over artist since 2014 for TV, Radio and Corporate.

Female, 20’s-30’s voice. RP accent. Friendly, Informed, Natural, Reassuring, Rich, Warm.


BBC Wales – Trails and Promos

Asda – Voice over for Internal Content

Manchester University – Online Promo

Finance News – Made in Birmingham

Telephone System – Made Television Network telephone system recordings

Instructional content – Instructional content for Cantemo training videos

Streets series – Documentary voice over for Streets of Cardiff 2017 and Streets of Birmingham 2017

TV Continuity – Producer and voice over for TV Continuity Made in Cardiff. 4 months.

Nation Radio – Produced and voiced a series of Radio Adverts for Made in Cardiff to play on Nation Radio.

Intro Biz – Sponsorship voice over for entertainment series ‘What’s Occurin’ Cardiff?’

yello brick – Character voice over for immersive experience trial.